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About Us

Hi, we're Jason and Stacy!

Our mad love started way back in 1995 when we met in college, but the first time we laid eyes on a Rad Power Bike was during the early days of the pandemic.  We noticed that our neighbor friends, Dave and Tammy, were suddenly gone nearly every day of the week riding their bikes.  So one day when they were getting back home from a ride, I decided to ask why.  I started by saying, "It's great you guys are riding so much.  Stacy and I have two really nice mountain bikes that are covered in dust.  We say we want to start riding them, but just never do."  Dave said, "That's because you don't have a Rad." 


I had never even heard of an e-bike, much less a Rad Power Bike.  Dave insisted that I give his Rad a test drive.  I said something like, "Yeah, thanks, I should try it sometime."  Dave said, "No, right now, you gotta try it right now!"  Dave can be very insistent.  After a little more hemming and hawing, I reluctantly climbed on, nervous that I would do something wrong and ruin his precious new toy.  He gave me a quick tour of the controls and a few pointers, and off I went.  When I came back, I must have been smiling ear-to-ear, because Dave said, "See, that's exactly what happened to me too!" 


Within a couple of days, we were at a local Rad rental shop heading out for our first ride together.  That was Stacy's first time on a Rad, and so about a half-mile into the trip, I stopped to make sure everything was going ok.  When I turned around, she had that same ear-to-ear smile, and just said, "This is so great."  After our ride, we sat outside at a little brewery, had a beer, and ordered our Rads from my phone.

The bikes were on a two-month backorder at the time, so we had plenty of time to research our new hobby while we waited.  We joined the Rad Power eBikes Owners Group on Facebook, started watching YouTube videos, and quickly realized that we were going to want to make a few changes/upgrades to our bikes.  The information was out there (the Facebook group was super helpful), but we couldn't find one centralized place that kind of pulled all that great info together.  So we decided to give it a try ourselves.  One thing we noticed right away was that Rad owners all have that same ear-to-ear smile when it comes to their bikes.  They don't just like their bikes, they LOVE their bikes.  They have mad love for them, Mad Rad Love.  So with an idea and a name, we started

We hope that you find the information here helpful, whether you're just starting your Rad journey or you've been an owner for several years.  We'd love for you to sign up for updates so we can keep in touch.  We hope that this is the start of a community that shares one big thing in common:


We've all got Mad Rad Love.

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